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Gunny's Ringtones at Gunny's Digital PX

Here's a few samples of them...

Don't you hear the phone ringing SCUMBAG? ANSWER IT NUMBNUTS!!!
Hey DING-A-LING, your phone is ringing.
...and many more!

And there's 25 to choose from or get the Gunny's Bundled packs or for the really
dedicated user, there's the Gunny's MEGA Ringtone Package.

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Gunny's Android Soundboard App
Download Gunny's Android Soundboard App from the Android Market. Click NOW!

You can now have the Gunny on your Android phone whenever you want for FREE!!! Have him scream at those people who desperately need some MOTIVATION! Don't be fooled by the 'Fake' unauthorized apps. If they aren't built by our Authorized Developers and listed on this web site, then they are FAKES! And over 60 sounds and ringtones on this one app!
Here's a few of the sounds on this app.
Were you about to call me an asshole?You are pukes!Fairy GodmotherWhat is your Major Malfunction NUMBNUTS?

Installing it is very easy to do, just scan the image below with your phone and then click INSTALL on the page you land on.

Download the FREE "Official" Gunny Ermey Soundboard Android App TODAY MAGGOT!!!

Gunny's Soundboard

Scan to download

FREE Cell Phone Wallpaper

130 x 130

FREE Ringtones
Click to download Ringtone, then Right mouse click on the media player and select Save as... Enjoy!

USMC Band- Marine Hymn 246KB USMC Band-National Anthem 238KB
R. Lee Ermey Cadence Remix 119KB USMC Band-Attention 25.6KB
Tones (TV show Emergency) 24.9KB Hwy Patrol 111KB
Long Tones (TV show Emergency) 92.5KB F-Troop 105KB
Ringtones have been edited for size and are in .wav format.

Built by a Marine for Marines! Semper Fi
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