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Marine Corps Drill Instructors Association Monument Fund

A very long time ago, three dedicated Marine staff NCO's were given the task of turning sixty young, rebellious, juvenile delinquent, civilian rejects, into hard-charging, well-disciplined, honorable Marines. I owe these three Marine Drill Instructors my life! It was their hard work and influence that saved me from destroying my young self. Two of these drill instructors were "KIA" in Viet Nam (1967-68): "the ultimate sacrifice." Now, thirty-three years later, it is time for me to do the honorable duty and give something back.

I am a charter member of the Marine Corps Drill Instructors Association. For the past fourteen years, we have been begging, scrounging and saving, in an effort to erect a monument at each of the two Marine Recruit Depots in honor of past, present, and future drill instructors. Our diligence has resulted in the collection of nearly $200,000.00. The "Parris Island Monument" was put in place on April 24, 1999.

The "
San Diego Monument" was put in place September 11, 1999.

Now we call upon you. Please help us! We are the Marines! We are the honorable men and women who put our lives on the line when our "Commander in Chief" called upon us. We are the ones who thought of "God", "Country", and "Corps", instead of Canada. I thank you for your help and support. And by the way, if a family member or loved one was a Marine, consider purchasing a brick as a way of honoring their service."

We must sell bricks now to finalize our plans, Please print the order form attached, return to National Headquarters with check or money order, for your order.  Don’t be left out because of procrastination. Active duty Marines who wish to make payments can contact their Chapter reps at the base. Full payment must be received, within  ninety (90) days. Retirees should contact National Headquarters.

Each brick will be imprinted with three lines (15 characters per line) and laid along side the walkway. You may purchase as many bricks as you like by filling out the donation form. If you served at both Recruit Depots, you may want to have a brick at each location. Bricks may be purchased in memory of a friend of the Association, for an active duty DI, or in honor of DI’s of a particular recruit company (such as DI’s of "F" Company, 2nd Bn, MCRD-Parris Island). You can designate which Depot you want your brick(s) placed.

The requested donation is $100.00 for a single brick. If you cannot purchase a brick, a donation in any denomination will be greatly appreciated.   Let’s all get our bricks today!

R. Lee Ermey

P.S. Thanks again for your support.

Built by a Marine for Marines! Semper Fi
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