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I have put together a few Poll's, please take a minute to view and vote on my Poll's. Make sure you have your PopUp blocker off. I have many different ones and if you don't see one that you think would be a good one listed, then please let me know. Use the submit form under the poll.


 Choose your poll below

  1. What branch of service are or were you in?
  2. Do you agree with the current proposed Immigration reforms???
  3. Should members of the arm forces be granted free heath care??
  4. Which organization should be used to stop the invasion across our National Borders?
  5. Should the U.S. withdraw from the United Nations?
  6. Should Don Imus have been fired for what he said?
  7. What is your favorite R. Lee Ermey Movie?
  8. Which is worse in the war in Iraq?
  9. Should American's boycott Citgo?
  10. Does Iran pose a viable threat?
  11. Should the U.S. pull out of Iraq?
  12. Do you think the President is doing a good job?
  13. Should the U.S. reinstate the draft?
  14. Should the U.S. try to help police the entire world?
  15. Should the United Nations police the world?
  16. Should illegal alien's get Citizenship for serving a minimum of 10 years in the Service?
  17. What's your favorite handgun?
  18. Who is our next biggest threat?


I have added a link to a form so you can submit your own Poll Q&A. If you don't see one that you think would be a good one listed, then please let me know. If I think it is a good one and worthy of the poll, I will have it posted there. Not all will be accepted.

CLICK HERE to submit your Poll Q&A.



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