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Leather and Steel Combo

  • Leather and Steel Combo
    Leather and Steel Combo
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    Nothing says borderline kinky (we prefer playful fun because were not like that) (well maybe we are but were not telling YOU) like our Leather and Steel combo. Ahh, where were we? Oh yes. A fabulous accessory pack with a Stainless Steel Guillotine Cutter, a Stainless Steel Cigar Stand (cigar not included) (buy your own friggin cigar)(or better yet, add it on to this combo with your order)(shameless upgrade plug), (and why not, we sell your favorite kind). Ummoh yes, and a tightly wrapped Leather Vertigo lighter, and who doesnt like tight leatherahhsorry, this accessory kit has really got us distracted. Were supposed to say that it has a HUGE LEATHER stick holder but that seems a little forward. But it really does. It has an 8 count cigar holder thats wrapped in the finest black leather. All soft and supple. Oh goodness, here we go again. FocusFOCUS
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